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If you have subscribed the Advanced Routing with HERE Maps service, Frotcom can take into account truck restrictions and show them on the map.

Let's consider the situation where you want to calculate the best path between 2 locations and the vehicle profile that you are considering is a truck.

(Note: if you want to know more about finding the best path, click here.)

Start by defining your starting and ending point:

It seems that road ''M1028'' is the most direct way.

Now let's click on the Calculate button on the Directions panel:

Frotcom will provide us the calculation of the best path:

Well it seems that the output of Frotcom is not quite exactly what we predicted.

This happened for a very simple reason. Vehicles whose gross weight is higher than 3.5 tons are not allowed to circulate on road ''M1028''.

Since your selected vehicle profile was the default truck, whose gross weight is 18 tons, it is now clear why Frotcom provided such result.

Moreover, if you think it would be even better to be able to visualize all these truck restrictions directly on the map, Frotcom can also provide you such option. It is called the Truck mode. For that, click on the sandwich menu in the upper right part of the map:

Then choose the Show truck mode option:

You will now be able to see the roads which have restrictions, and which restrictions:

Depending on the vehicle profile that you use in the calculation of the best path, Frotcom will compare its properties (defined in Administration > Account > Directions) and deliver you the best path considering road restrictions.

The road restriction types are:

  • Legal restrictions for trucks
    • No trucks allowed
    • Turn restriction for truck
  • Physical restrictions for trucks
    • Weight
    • Height
    • Width
    • Length
  • Hazmat restrictions for trucks
    • Trucks with forbidden hazardous materials
    • Trucks with forbidden explosive and flammable materials
    • Trucks with forbidden materials that are harmful to water


These features are only available for accounts with the Advanced routing with HERE Maps option. Call your Frotcom Certified Partner to activate if you do not have it.

If you need further assistance, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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