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Fixed costs are the ones which do not vary with the number of kilometers traveled.

This article depicts how you can define the types of Fixed costs you will use in Frotcom. Some fixed cost types may have been preset by your Frotcom Certified Partner.

Go to Management > Preferences panel and select the Fixed costs tab. The following board will be displayed to you:

According to this example, we have the following Fixed cost types:

  • Annual vehicle inspection
  • Circulation TAX
  • Driver Wager
  • Insurance
  • Leasing 

To create new fixed cost types, click Add:

After, the following field will be available to you:

After entering the name of the new fixed cost type, click Save to confirm your actions. The following confirmation message pops up:

A new row representative of the new fixed cost type is now displayed on the Fixed costs panel:

If you wish to rename any fixed cost type, click Edit on the respective row:

If you wish to eliminate any fixed cost type, click Delete on the respective row:

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