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This section comprises the Card Reader Application to be installed in one of your company's computers, which must be connected to a smartcard reader. This application will be responsible for the communications with the tachographs, through the on-board Frotcom tracking devices, in order to obtain the necessary permission from your company card and transfer it to the tachograph.

The application can also help you retrieving the downloaded tachograph files, from Frotcom's data center, to your local computer.

If you need to download the Card Reader Application and check the installation guide, please click here.

  • Launching the application

After you install the application, you can launch it by clicking on Frotcom's card reader application icon on the desktop, or by selecting it from the list in Start > Programs.

After you initialize the application, you will notice that a small icon will be placed on the system tray of your computer. This means that the application is now running.

Please note that the application must always be running in order for the company card to issue the necessary authorizations to reach the tachographs.

  • Settings

The first time you launch the application you will be immediately asked to select a language. This is done in the Settings page, as shown in the next picture:

You can also specify if the tachograph files and the driver card files recently uploaded from the vehicles to Frotcom's data center, are to be automatically downloaded to your computer; and if so, to which directories.

This process of downloading files from Frotcom’s data center to your computer, when these options are marked, occurs once a day. Basically the application will check which new files are available in the data center and have not yet been downloaded.

Once you choose the language click Save.

Confirm that you want to proceed by clicking Yes. You can return to the Settings page later on if you wish to change the chosen language or directories.

  • Login

Every time you launch the application, you will be asked to submit a username and a password. This username and password must correspond to a valid username and password for your Frotcom account, which has been attributed the privilege to use the card reader application:

Once you click Login, the application will connect to Frotcom's Data Center and link to the account to which this username and password belong:

Normally, you will not need to logout/exit; but if you do so, simply close the application by clicking on the usual cross in the upper right corner of the window. You will be shown a confirmation dialog:

If for any reason you want to logout from this account and login to another account, just enter the new username and password and click Login. If the username and password that you submit are not registered in Frotcom, you will get an error message:

Click Login to try again.

Please have in mind that the application will not be able to send the necessary authorizations for tachographs to proceed with remote download operations, until it is duly associated to your account.

Click Minimize to keep the application running but closing the interface. Have in mind that if you do so, if you try to reopen/maximize the application again, you will need to re-enter a valid username and password.

  • Opening the application

You do not have to keep the application open/maximized to have it running. However, with the application open, you will be able to follow what is going on.

Once open, the application will show you three other pages, apart from Settings and Login, already described: Status, System messages and Help.

  • Status

The status page gives you the basis information about what is going on.

On the card detection report, if the company card is correctly inserted on the card reader you should read Card detected, in green. At the same time, the image should show you a card reader with a green light and the card completely inserted.

On the other side, if the application cannot detect the card, you will read the message Card not detected, in red. In that case, the image you will see is of a company card outside of the card reader; the light will be red.

If the card reader is not linked to the computer, via USB port, you will read the message USB device removed in red:

On the bottom, you will be able to see which vehicle is currently requesting authorization for the remote download of tachograph data, if any. In case there is such request in execution, you will be able to red the licence plate of the vehicle and the green light will be on. Otherwise, you will see no licence plate identification and the green light will be off.

  • System messages

The system messages page gives you some insight about the on-going processes.

The system messages issued by the application for the last 30 days are contained here. In red you will see messages reporting any sort of error. In black the normal system messages.

  • Help

The help page presents some instructions about how to use the application.

If you need further assistance, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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