Getting support


If you run into difficulties using Frotcom API V2, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner ( 

Take the time to describe what you are intending to do, how you are doing it and what is failing.

To get quicker and better help, you should provide all the necessary information that enables Frotcom Support Team to reproduce the problem you are facing. Whenever possible, please collect log files that record all the API calls and responses from the authentication until the problem shows up. Fiddler from Telerik is a free powerful debugging tool that acts like a proxy and lets you inspect all HTTP calls, and save them to a log file. You can download it at When recording these sessions, please change your application to use HTTP instead of HTTPS, so that we are able to inspect the calls done and the values transferred.

(Fiddler and Telerik are Telerik trade marks. Frotcom does not have any affiliation with Telerik.)

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