What's new in Frotcom API V2


Frotcom API V2 is built in parallel with Frotcom HTML5 interface. Because all user interface features in Frotcom HTML5 rely on the access to a back end REST API, a new API had to be built from the ground up.

This is the reasoning behind a new version of Frotcom API.

Although it shares the same technology used in the former Frotcom API, API V2 has a completely new set of controllers that are more closely related to Frotcom User Interface than in the previous version.

API V2 will evolve as new features are added to Frotcom, and because it is also used by the HTML5 interface, you will find that API V2 is as functional as Frotcom HTML5 interface: whenever a new feature is added to Frotcom HTML5 interface, API V2 will have support for it.

For API V2 there is also a new online documentation system, which is built automatically from the code comments written by the Frotcom Development Team. From developers to developers.

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