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To see the list of received driver card files, go to the Administration > Tachograph > Drivers panel and the following board will be displayed:

After that, click on the driver name field of the desired row:

and you will be shown the next window:

It has the following information:

Column Description
Download on Date and time when the file was downloaded.
File name

Name of the file as saved by Frotcom. The name indicates the driver and period. The size in KB is also indicated.

NOTE: the .ddd file format is used by the digital tachograph card reading software. The file is in a binary format that can be read but not altered.

Once you download the file to your computer, you will be able to use several different applications available on the market (some free) to analyze the data, if you want to.

Last downloaded by application on This field corresponds to the date when the file was last downloaded by the card reader application, onto your company's computer.
Last sent by email on

This field corresponds to the date when the file was last sent by email, manually or automatically, to an email address defined by you.


Please note that these files are kept in Frotcom's data center for a maximum of 24 months, after which they will be removed.

To send files via e-mail, tick the desired ones and click on the Send files by mail button, on the upper left part of the panel. After that, you will see the following panel:


The panel contains the following options:

Field Description

Field to be filled with the email addresses that shall receive the selected driver card file.

NOTE: You can fill it manually or import the same email account(s) as defined in the account settings. For that, click on the Add From Account Settings button and the emails that are set on the Administration > Account > General will be considered automatically.

Files Identification of the tachograph file to be sent via email.


After you fill the necessary fields, confirm your action by clicking on the Send button on the lower right part of the panel.

If you wish to see the list of tachograph data files received from a vehicle and circulate them via e-mail, click here.

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