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What is the free version?
The free version of Frotcom allows you to track/locate your smartphone.  Once you download and install the free app onto your smartphone, you will be able to follow its whereabouts (requires the smartphone’s user permission).

Is it really free?

Where will I see the locations?
You will be given credentials to login in and track the smartphone

How many smartphones can I track in the free version?
Only one device per account.

For how long can I use the free service?
For as long as you want.

Is Frotcom Free available for all smartphones?
For now, only Android smartphones. Soon, Iphones too.

What tracking information is gathered from the smartphone?
Location, direction and speed.

Besides locating the smartphone on a map, what other features are available?
Basic reports and basic alarms types.

Is Frotcom Free a professional solution?
Frotcom Free is targetted at very basic tracking only and for evaluation purposes. If you like Frotcom Free you will love the full version of Frotcom. You can see the main differences between Frotcom Free and the full version here.

Is there phone or email support available to Frotcom Free users?
Customer support is only available if you have the full version. However, if you'd like to send us your comments on Frotcom Free, email us at 


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