Why should you control driving behavior?


Frotcom’s Driving behavior module allows fleet and company managers to control and improve driving behavior and driving habits.

A good driving behavior (also known as Eco-driving) stands for fuel-efficient driving. It can significantly reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Slight changes in driving style enable drivers to exploit fully the fuel-efficiency potential of modern technologies.

Eco-driving rules are easy to apply and Frotcom can help you make sure these practices are followed in your fleet. There are several positive outcomes of a better driving behavior:

  1. Fuel consumption will decrease – lower costs; several studies show that the effect of improved driving habits can save up to 15% on fuel;
  2. Gas emissions will decrease – better contribution to a greener planet;
  3. Maintenance needs will decrease – lower maintenance costs and higher vehicle availability;
  4. Aggressive driving habits will be reduced – also fewer accidents.
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