Frotcom HTML5 - Release notes - 2016


The following list shows the most recent changes implemented in Frotcom. For instructions on how Frotcom works, we suggest you start here.


Vehicle infobox on maps has been completely overhauled with improved functionality and configurable information. Additionally, performance has been improved because infobox information is now preloaded by browser.
Here is an example of the new infobox:
The available information can occupy quite a lot of space, so panels can be collapsed to save space using the up/down arrows (Route info panel in the example):
If you prefer, you can have the infobox docked to the right side of the page, so that you can have the information always available:
It is possible to configure the size of the infobox and the panels that should presented. Moreover, you can have one configuration for the floating infobox and a different one for the docked mode.
Some of the panels have their own options. Here is an example where you select the indicators you want to see in the Other information panel:
The panel dedicated to driving times can be configured to show the remaining driving times or the elapsed driving times. When showing remaining driving times, the header of the panel shows you the next required stop, based on EU 561 regulation, including the next mandatory daily rest.
Waypoint reordering option added to Directions to enable automatic optimization of the route when several waypoints must be visited.
Vehicle usage report now shows also the kms travelled during privacy periods.
Other improvements
Vehicle profiles for toll calculation has a new parameter to indicate the vehicle height at the front axle.
Vehicle marker shows animation when clicked to provide better feedback to user.
When sending a message to a Garmin PND or to a Workforce terminal that is currently not connected to Frotcom, a notification message is shown.
Bug fix: vehicle status in list and in vehicle marker are now updated in sync.


It is now possible to create and manage route templates. With the results from a Directions calculation, you can add the route as a template:
Go to Route > Templates to manage all your templates:
Route groups can be created and managed as well, in page Routes > Groups:

Assignment of route templates and groups to vehicles is already implemented. Go to the Directions panel in the map, and click the button ASSIGN ROUTE TEMPLATE/GROUP:

Other improvements
Performance improvements in Interact page.
Route notifications by email are now sent from address and the email subject is now configurable.
Dashboard was improved applying user preferred units.


If you use immobilizer and RFID or iButon tags to identify the driver, you can now define the list of drivers authorized to drive each vehicle. This feature is available for GPS trackers from MobileDevices (C4Max, C4MaxLite and C4Evo).
Go to Administration > Vehicles, open a vehicle and go to section Drivers Whitelists:
Select the drivers authorized to use the vehicle and click the button SAVE AND SEND. If you send an empty list of drivers, any driver will be able to unlock the vehicle immobilizer.
To see which vehicles can be driven by a driver, edit the driver at Administration > Drivers.
A few issues have been corrected in the Dashboard, which is no longer considered Beta.
If you find the licence plate of your vehicles are covering all map, you can now opt to hide them. For that, select None in both fields to show on vehicle markers in the Map options dialog:
This is the result with and without license plate information:
Other improvements
Bug fixes in Routes functionality.
Waiting message when searching nearest vehicles.
Bug fixes for Internet Explorer browser.




It is now possible to create routes from Directions panel and assign them to vehicles. After calculating the route between the selected points, it is added to the bottom panel where additional route information can be specified.
It is then possible to find the vehicles that are closer to the starting point. For that, go to the NEAREST VEHICLES panel. Frotcom will automatically search for the vehicles that are closer to the starting point. You can then select the desired vehicle and click the button ADD TO ROUTE. This will bring you back to the DIRECTIONS panel, and the path from the vehicle to the first point in the route will be added as the first route step.
Click the button ASSIGN THIS ROUTE to assign the route to a vehicle.
Settings related to routes are defined at Administration > Account > Routes.
When assigning a route to a vehicle, it is possible to send the destination to a Garmin navigator, forcing or not the navigation path, depending on the settings in the Administration area:
When assigning the route to a vehicle, change the option Send the route to WFM/NAV to yes, and the destination will be sent to the driver at the same time the route is assigned to the vehicle. Please note that currently only Garmin NAV (FMI) is supported.
Support for Imperial and American units has been improved (miles, miles per gallon, etc.).
Other improvements
Bug fix on Engine RPM graph.


Speed and dash cam alerts detected by Garmin Personal Navigators can now be configured and visualized in Frotcom.
The page WORKFORCE in Administration has been renamed TERMINALS and now two inner pages, one for Workforce Management terminals and another for Garmin Personal Navigation Devices (PND).
Open a PND by clicking its serial number, to see information regarding PND model, software version and supported protocols.
Open section ALARMS to setup speed and dash cam alerts. Please note that these settings will be visible only if the PND supports them.
Speed and dash cam alarms are shown in Alarms page.
In Interact page, there is now a button to refresh the page on demand.
It is now possible to create, use and manage corridors.
To create a new corridor, right click on the path returned when getting direction, and select the option Create corridor.

To show corridors on map, select the appropriate behavior in Map settings > General > Show corridors.
To get information about a corridor shown on map, click on it and an Infobox will be shown.
Finally, you can list all corridors at Administration > Areas, selecting the option Corridor in the SHOW selector. In the list, it is possible to change the name of the corridor or delete it (if there are no alarms associated).
Other improvements
Added a loading icon to provide feedback to user when data is being loaded to fill in forms.
Change in alarm definitions > time restriction: when selecting Is triggered to After date/time, it is now possible to set the time to now instead of only one hour from now.
Bug fix in Interact when forms with images were received.
Bug fix on map, when changing from path mode to fleet mode: path was not being cleared.


It is now possible to define the date/time when an alarm condition starts being verified.
Importing cost files in management already available. Select Import cost file in the options menu at page Management > Costs.

You can now consider driving time restrictions when calculating directions. Control this behaviour in the Directions options dialog. You can specify if you consider the driver is starting the day (option No driving time vehicle/driver) or consider the already measured driving times for the vehicle/driver (option Use vehicle/driver current driving time).

Note that this option has effect only if the calculated path starts at a vehicle location, which is the case for Nearest vehicles and for Directions if you selected Drive from here on a vehicle.

The mandatory breaks and rests are identified in the Itinerary proposed by Directions and Nearest vehicles. If you are using Advanced routing with Here maps, the approximate location where the breaks and rests must happen are also shown on the map in the proposed path.
Other improvements
Nearest vehicles result now also show travel costs similarly to Directions result.



It is now possible to click on a point on the graph panel to show that point on map. On the graph page, right click on the graph and select the option Show highlighted moment on map.
Graph tooltip now shows period information: start and end times and duration.
It is now possible to define how the map behaves after an auto-refresh. Open the Map settings dialog and select the section Map Options.
Several options were added for vehicle, place and waypoint icons. Now you can select the fields you want to see on the vehicle icons.
If you have many places defined in your account and they are covering a lot of the map, you can reduce their size of their icons.
You can also select the size of the waypoints on the vehicle path (arrows, alarms, etc.).
Communication problems alarm can also monitor GPS fix. Just select that option when defining the alarm, and it will trigger if GPS is unable to get a valid fix for longer than the specified period (same as for communication problems).
Other improvements
Reports page now have more useful options selected by default.
Reports page maintains selected options when you choose a different report.
List of messages in Interact is now refreshed every time the user presses the messages icon on the top menu bar.
Events page now show speed, ignition, GPS coordinate and sensors information.


It is now possible to define the top level menu and associate keyboard shortcuts.
Export tables from the menu is now possible.
Preferences related to Interact already available in the User Profile.
Other improvements
Different background colors for messages sent and received in Interact.
Improvements in the selection of vehicles when defining alarms.
Additional options in context menus: Send message, Add place here and Add zone here.


Frotcom API V2 and Apps integration allow you to integrate your applications with Frotcom. API V2 is a version of Frotcom API built at the same pace as the HTML5 interface.
Apps feature allows you to integrate your web applications even further, having them run inside Frotcom HTML5 interface.
For more details on both features, please check their documentation here: Frotcom API and Apps.


Administration of vehicle types is already available, at Administration > Account > Vehicle type.
Other improvements
Bug fix: scroll bar missing in graphs page.
Bug fix: right click on map was not opening context menu unless a place or vehicle has already been selected before.
Bug fix: incorrect default value for Maximum time without communications when creating a communication problems alarm.


Improvements to text entry fields: previous text is pre-selected so that the new value can be entered immediately; TAB key accepts value and moves to next field; ESC key cancels changes and ENTER accepts changes.
Other improvements
Bug fix in Ignition and Movement conditions when creating an Open door alarm.
Other bug fixes when creating/editing alarms: expiration; buzzer sound.
New buttons to copy email and phone number from company profile to alarm definition.
Improvements in page layout for smaller screen sizes.
Bug fixes for option Today and Now in time selectors, for American time zones.



Place icons now have colour to facilitate the identification of the place type.
Multi-fleet users can now use HTML5 version.
Temperature ranges management is already available.
Vehicle immobilization management is already available.
Other improvements
It is now more clear when you reach the maximum length when composing a new message in Interact.
Company places are now visible on the map that shows the location of costs and alarms.
Battery icon shown for asset tracking devices.
Improvements to facilitate entering costs in Management module: Save and New keeps the vehicle, cost type and entity selected.


It is now possible to navigate between graphs, trips and events pages or select a different vehicle without having to go back to the map page.
You can configure Frotcom to automatically change the map to path mode when you select a vehicle.
Administration of tachograph downloads is already available. You can define for which trucks and drivers you want the DDD file to be download. You can also specify the download frequency and set the date of the next download.
Administration of vehicle filters is already available.
Other improvements
Search messages in Interact is already working.
Vehicle infobox now shows the source of the driving times and number of extra hours available until next week rest.
Context menu for places now includes option to edit the place.
You can now quickly change between the trips and the graphs panel over the map.



You can configure if you want to open the trips or graph panel automatically when you select a vehicle.
It is now possible to send any address to a navigator or workforce terminal.
Context menus with right mouse click for vehicles, places and addresses

Context menus have been normalized. Now you can right click on a vehicle in the list, or on the vehicle marker over the map and you will get the same options available in the Actions menu of the Infobox. The same applies to places and addresses that have been searched.

On tablets, a long tap has the same effect as the right mouse click on a desktop computer.  

Several options will be added to the context menus in the following weeks.
Administration of users. The page to manage users in your account is already available in HTML5.
Other improvements
When selecting a place to attach to a message, it is now possible to search by its name.
Top bar menus now open when you move the mouse pointer over them.
Messages to Garmin Navigators are now correctly limited to 160 chars.
Process all messages in Interact is now working correctly.
Setting up Fuel level alarms is now storing all parameters correctly.



Infoboxes open when you have the mouse over any vehicle, place or way point icon.
Fixed problems in graphs for larger periods.


Login screen presents recently launched features, so that you can keep track of what is new.
Vehicle marker shows vehicle icons and direction of movement. With this new feature, you can quickly see the type of each vehicle, and the direction of its movement as well.
Vehicle icons can be defined in Administration > Vehicles.
New map options to control clustering of vehicles and places. Frotcom clusters vehicles and places so that the map is not cluttered with too many icons. This also improves the performance of map pan and zoom operations. The new clustering options allows you to have a better control over the clustering, should you prefer to have all icons visible.
Vehicle usage report can now be generated for a period of up to 30 days
Fixed issue in trips panel that was losing trip information after an automatic refresh




Traffic information from Google is now the one used in accounts with Google Maps, extending the areas covered with traffic information.



New option available for Directions: Waypoints reordering. This option tells Frotcom to optimize the route when there are several waypoints to visit. This available only for Google Maps.

Fixed error when setting privacy mode
Fixed header and value alignments in several tables
Correction in dashboard indicator Alarms per Vehicle
Fixed behaviour with map option Show areas on all maps
Fixed fuel level graphs to show selected sources



Alarms and Interact added to menu MORE
Fixed opening alarm occurrence details (it was not working for the second alarm)
Driving behaviour bars are now presented correctly on Internet Explorer
Removed phantom lines in Engine Speed graph
Fixed bug in Date selector that was not reacting when clicked on the icons
Fixed header alignments in several tables



implemented in map when in vehicle path mode.

Now you don't have to refresh the screen. Vehicles will move on the map as soon as new information is available.

Fixed issues with date selectors in Slovenian language
Fixed issue with user pictures in Interact, conversation panel
List of clients sorted when creating a new tracking ticket



Corrected issued navigating from Events back to Map
Solved issue with link to view all graphs, from map in vehicle path mode
Corrections in vehicle and company alias when creating a new tracking ticket
Add missing translation in Management > Fuel > Details




Waypoints are now always visible in vehicle path on the map, with an algorithm to show more waypoints when user zooms in.


Places now have a different icon for each place type

Added search feature to Tracking tickets list in CRM
Small corrections in calculations of Total cost, Unit cost and Quantity when inserting a new cost in Management
In Driver Behavior, a legend accessible through the hamburger menu was added to describe the meaning of each icon in the detailed view
Updated email address editor used when configuring automatic reports



Prepared Driving Behavior for option vehicle option "Use fixed fuel consumption"
Places type are now translated according Profile > Region Preferences
Web App always polling for user image
Link to use SL in browsers that do not support HTML5
Corrections to date format in date pickers and tables
Corrected differences between SL and HTML5 at Management > Cost/Hour in Total Time field
Additional corrections in parameters for reports generation
Correction in Fuel management - vehicles selector is now showing only vehicles with fuel management active
Correction of browser freeze when refresh is done from Management > Fleet > Details
Menu option More > Reports is now working on Safari browsers
Editing a vehicle in administration now forces a refresh of data presented in infoboxes (e.g. driver and co-driver)
Correction in user profile: option “reset to account settings” now resets language and timezone
Trips and Extended trips reports are now generated even if there is no organization selected in the filters
Interact > Conversation view is now filtering sent and received messages correctly, considering sent messages as processed



Correction on the digital input name and state at events table;
Report Tachograph driving and working hours can now be generated for up to one month;
Report Subsistence allowance can now be generated for up to one month;
Report Temperature can now be generated for up to one month;
Correction in date selector for report Vehicle details;
Correction of problem in the Automatic reports page, when configuring the first automatic report of a type



Report Extended trips with CANBus - correction in vehicle selector;
Correction to boolean values in vehicle events table;
Correction to tracking tickets page not loading in some cases;
Correction in accented characters converted to upper case in Greek language (on browsers Chrome, Firefox and Opera);
Reports - corrections on period selectors that were only allowing 7 days and should allow on month;
Reports - corrections on date selectors that should specify a complete day and were specifying a moment in time (e.g. TODAY instead of NOW)




Directions with Here maps - show total trip costs.

Tracking tickets - correction in the time zone seen by external users;
Correction in reports - when configuring the Alarms report, the alarm names were not translated;
Correction in management - for fuel costs, field Quantity had incorrect unit;



Management - Improvements in data format when exporting costs to Excel;
Management - Corrections in the odometer validation when inserting a new Cost;
Login - Encode username so that special character such as the ampersand are accepted;
Admin > Vehicles - correction in the verification of user permissions;
Filters - correction in the filters available to users;
Announcements - now only one announcement is presented to the user (the latest one that has been created);
Correction of the issue of places not being shown on map and search panel for some accounts



First public release
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