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In the Working period panel you will find the settings concerning the normal working hours for your company’s vehicles.

It is possible to have different Working periods for different vehicles, generating different results in the Vehicle usage report. This individualization is not mandatory, of course. If all your vehicles share a common working period, then you only need to specify the general working period for your company, in the settings above. The vehicles will then all share that working period. 

It is also possible to specify for the Inactivity alarm, if the system should, or not, consider only the working period. For instance, you can set an alarm for an inactivity of a vehicle longer than 6 hours, only when inside the working period of that vehicle.

For each day of the week, specify the initial and end time for the working period. Use the Clear button to remove the inserted period in the corresponding day; use the Same as previous button to copy the period from the previous day.

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