List of Tracking tickets


This folder contains a list of all the tracking tickets previously created and sent by email to clients. 

The list has the following columns:

  • Number
    Unique number, automatically assigned by Frotcom to each ticket
  • Vehicle
    Designation of the vehicle being tracked
  • Client 
    Client to which the ticket was generated
  • Created on
    Date and time when the ticket was created
  • Email
    List of emails to which the ticket was sent
    • Status
      Current status of the ticket:
    • Active
      If the ticket is currently valid for tracking (the start condition is met but the stop condition is not)
    • Pending
      If the start condition still hasn’t been met.
    • Expired
      If the ticket’s start and stop conditions have both been met.
    • Deleted
      If a user deleted this ticket.

By default, all tickets created in the last 7 days are shown. However, you can use the filters on top of the list to reduce or enlarge the tickets being shown:

Date selector Change the period for which you want to see the tickets 
Client Limit the tickets to only the ones of a certain Client, or All

Select the tickets of only one status or All. Possibilities are:

  • All (default)
  • Pending
  • Active
  • Expired
  • Deleted
  • All active any date (shows all the active tickets, regardless of the date they were created)

Please check also the following information about ticket operations:


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