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Once you select an existing alarm or decide to create a new one, you will have to enter the corresponding parameters.

Let's suppose we want to create a new alarm for when the vehicle is left idling (engine on and no movement) for too long.

First, we must select the appropriate alarm type, using the first selector:


In this case we selected the Idling alarm type.

Now we can give this specific alarm configuration a name or better description. Because we want to avoid too much idling time in our trucks due to excessive fuel consumption, we will call it "Truck idling". We could use any other name, of course.

To give it a name, click the link to the right of the Description label:

Now we can give it the right name or description:

Click Apply to submit the new description.

The next thing you need to do is select to which vehicles you want the new alarm to be applied. Because in our example we are focusing on trucks only, we will select only some of the vehicles listed.

Now we can proceed with the remaining settings.

First choose the second section, Definitions:

Then go one step further and set the Restrictions that apply to the alarm.

Next you can define the Reminders that will help you make sure you do not forget about an alarm situation that persists.

Finally, you may set the Destinations of alarm notifications.


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