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In the Permitted driving period panel, you will find the settings concerning the hours during which you allow your drivers to use the company vehicles. This period can exceed the working hours of the company.



It is possible to have different Permitted driving periods for different vehicles, generating mixed results in the Usage out of permitted period alarm. This individualization is not mandatory, of course. If all your vehicles share a common permitted driving period, then you only need to specify the general permitted driving period for your company, in the settings above. All the vehicles will then share that permitted driving period. 

It is possible to automatically immobilize vehicles equipped with an immobilizer using the permitted driving periods. You can ask Frotcom to automatically enable and disable the vehicle immobilizer of one or several vehicles based on the vehicles' permitted driving periods. When enabled, the automation process will deactivate the immobilizer at the start of the permitted driving period and will activate it again at the end of the period.

For each day of the week, specify the initial and end time for the permitted driving period. Use the Clear button to remove the inserted period in the corresponding day; use the Same as previous button to copy the period from the previous day. It's also possible to configure an additional period in case your company uses a double shift, for instance.

Use the Copy from working period button to copy the daily working periods onto the permitted driving periods.

The period "00:00 - 00:00" can also be configured. In this case, the day will be considered a non-working day in which the driver can use the Privacy mode, for instance.

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