List of clients


This folder contains a list of all the company’s clients.

Clicking on the name of a client (left column) will open its details. These are separated by General, Addresses and Contacts. Each client can have several addresses and several contacts.

In General you can define the Name and VAT number (fiscal number) of your client.


In order to see all the existing notes related to a specific Client, click Notebook on the upper right part of the screen:


After that, you will be redirected to the Notebook panel and the Note type of the Notebook filtering options will be defined as Clients with the concerning client selected. The remaining filters will adopt the default values. After, if on the Notebook panel, you click Add new to insert a new note, all the fields will be automatically filled according to the client that you previously visited.

In Addresses you can add as many addresses as the company has. 

Notice that you can enter a Place if you want to associate this address to a place previously created in Frotcom.

Once you are done with the addresses, you can enter the contacts. To do that, click Contacts on the left column.

You can associate as many contacts as you want to a client. 

If you want a contact person to receive tracking tickets by email, by default, when you set the tracking tickets to this client, set the Use for tracking box as Yes. Anyway, you will be able to confirm this option with each tracking ticket. 

Click here to see how to set tracking tickets.


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