CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

The CRM module in Frotcom includes two folders:

  1. Clients
    Allows you to create and manage information about your company’s clients. Some of this information can be used by Frotcom to facilitate the creation of your tracking tickets; 
  2. Tracking tickets
    Here you can create, send and manage tracking tickets. Tracking tickets are a way of allowing external users – for instance, customers of yours – to follow up the whereabouts of their cargo or vehicles executing services for them.

To go to the CRM section, choose the More option from the menu and then CRM.

You will see the list of Clients defined in your account. Use the Search box to look for a particular client.

To see how to create, edit, delete and use Clients, click here.

To see how to create, edit, delete and use tracking tickets, click here.



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