Displaying a vehicle's trips


Once you select a vehicle to show its infobox, you will see that at the middle of the infobox there is link showing you the number of trips executed so far by the vehicle.

Click on it.

You will see a list with the trips executed, in a panel at the bottom of the map:


If you click on one of the columns representing a specific trip, you will see that trip represented on the map (there is an orange highlighted corridor around it).


You can also see the trips on a full page, in that case overlapping the map. To do that, click the View all trips link on the right side of the trips panel.

You will be shown a full page with all the trips executed by this vehicle in the period under analysis:


For the finished trips, the link under the Departure time column will turn blue and will be clickable:


Ongoing trips will not display the clickable link.

If you click on the Departure time link of a respective trip (row), the Trip details panel will be available to you:


Here, you can manually add the Department and/or Segment to you account trips. Simply click on the combo box and select the department and/or segment you want to define for this trip.


In Administration > Account > Automation rules panel you can specify if and how Frotcom can automatically associate trips to the organization levels you have defined. To know more, click here.

If you wish to know more about creation/removal/edition of departments, click here.

If you wish to know more about creation/removal/edition of segments, click here.

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