The vast majority of places created in Frotcom have a circular geometry. On some occasions, this proves to be a problem:

Here you see a regular circular place (yellow) overlapping two spots (blue). Do both spots represent the same entity? If so, is a circular place the best way to represent it? Surely not: the spots show that the vehicles are stopping outside the place's boundaries, so Frotcom's geo-fencing algorithms are failing to detect those cases. On the other hand, if the spots belong to different entities, place entry and exit detection also failing to discriminate them.

Now that we know that this happens, now that we know better, why can't we just use the spot information to improve place shape, and improve Frotcom's performance?

This is what the new Place Editor is all about:

  • Edit existing places so they match overlapping spots;
  • Convert spots to Frotcom places

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