Place List


The place list contains all the account's places. These can be placed on the map and used to find intersecting or neighboring spots.

Like all other lists, it contains a filter control for easier selection of places, especially on very long lists.

Places are used to help find spots. As you probably know by now, spots are generated automatically based on trip stop locations, and not on Frotcom places. It should be expected that some places will overlap spots, or are placed nearby them, so using a place may be useful when locating spots.

To do so, select the place you want to investigate from the list. It will be shown on the map as a yellow shape. You can the right-click on the shape to invoke the place menu:

From here, you can determine the place's intersections (all spots that overlap the place shape) or spots that are nearby. These will be automatically selected on the spots list and displayed on the map. Here's an example of what to expect:

In this case the spot, in blue, completely covers the place.

By clearing the place selection using the square button to the left of the list filter, the place is removed from the map.

References: What is a "Spot"?, What is a "Spot" good for?

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