Frequent Trips Report


Use this report to list the frequent trips (links) that you selected on the user interface.

The report has a similar structure to the trip outliers report: a summary, the optional cost parameters and the frequent trip details. The parameters panel has the following look:

Here you can filter trip information per date range, select the measure to determine the best trip, filter the type of trips and links to display, and set the general report format. The first page of the report is quite similar to the Trip Outliers’:

Note that these values reflect the link and trip selection only.

The optional cost parameters page is exactly the same as in the Trip Outliers report.

Finally, the detail pages look like the following:

The link description can be found on the top table and is essentially the same information you find on the user interface.

Below you can see the trip histogram displaying the selected measure, a map with the stored configuration and the final link detail grid, with detailed excess and cost information.

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