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Besides the starting and ending spots, this list contains some useful indicators to help you assess the importance of each link. These indicators include the excess cost per trip, the average trip distance and duration. The percent values represent the weight this link has with respect to all the filtered links. Exemplifying, the first link in the image above represents 0.14% of the total distance, 0.33% of the total duration and 1.10% of the total number of trips. So you can use these indicators and order the table by the corresponding column, focusing on the links that have a bigger impact on the fleet’s activity.

The first column of the list shows a report icon for the links selected for reporting. This selection is achieved through a command in the list’s context menu (right click):

The first option adds the selected link to the report list, while the second removes it. Only the links added to the report list will be reported.

Note that when you add a link to the report list, you also store the current map configuration. Contrary to what happens on Trip Outliers, only links that have been added to the report list are included in the report.

The two final options work exactly as in Trip Outliers. Excesses are calculated using as a baseline the best trip registered for each measure (distance, driving time and fuel). In other words, each trip’s excess cost is calculated by comparing its cost to the cost of the best trip for each measure.

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