What is Frotcom Analytics?


More and more, companies around the world are tapping into their own increasingly larger databases in search for useful and actionable insights about their own businesses to cut costs, boost revenue or both. Frotcom Analytics is Frotcom’s answer to this need.

Frotcom Analytics is an add-on product to Frotcom that allows you to explore the hidden knowledge buried deep in your fleet's data. With Frotcom Analytics you can explore information that otherwise you would not have the time nor the tools to do by yourself.

In Frotcom Analytics you can learn about vehicle trips that somehow went wrong and how much that cost in excess. The reason why each reported trip went wrong is also clearly identified.

You can inspect your fleet’s most frequent trips and how different vehicles perform those routes. Excessive costs are calculated to help you improve your fleets cost effectiveness and the business bottom line.

It is also possible to simulate the impact of moving your office or warehouse to another location. How much will you save in vehicle mileage? Frotcom Analytics helps you explore different solutions calculating the expected impact on total trip distance.

Or you can help you better shape your places using the real fleet behavior. Make sure Frotcom places reflect the actual locations where vehicles have stopped.

Frotcom Analytics is an add-on desktop. It is used independently from the main Frotcom application and must be installed on a PC (this application will not run on a Mac or Linux). By using Frotcom Analytics, you will be able to uncover and explore information that is hidden in the Frotcom database, and through it receive a valuable service.

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