Viewing the results of a search for the nearest vehicles


When Frotcom looks for the nearest vehicles of a certain location, you will see the results on the Nearest vehicles panel and on the map:


Vehicles on the Nearest vehicles panel are ordered according to their distance to the point you selected on the map. Note that the fields Vehicle costs, Driver costs and Total are only shown for the selected vehicle.

The calculated paths output of the Nearest vehicles feature are presented in orange, so that are easily differentiated from the output of the directions feature which is displayed in blue.

By default, the first vehicle is selected and its route to the point is shown on the map, as above. Moreover, this does not mean that the first vehicle will be the fastest one to arrive at the selected destination. It is simply the closest one.

You can see the paths of other vehicles in the list displayed on the map, by choosing them from the list.

Considering now the depicted example from the previous picture, we can see that the first vehicle is 1312 km away and the estimated time to travel is 1 day 23 hours and 23 minutes. For the second vehicle, we have the following conditions:


You can see that the second vehicle, even though it is 1513.5 km away (approximately 200 km more than the first vehicle), the trip's duration is about 1 day 21 hours and 55 minutes (more or less, 1 hour and a half less than the first vehicle's trip).

Another factor that Frotcom takes into account when estimates the Time to travel is the Time restriction defined in Administration > Account > Driving Conditions. By default, the rules contained in Europe’s Regulation 561 will be considered.

Also related to the obligatory rests and stops, the following icons are displayed along the calculated path on the previous pictures:

Minimum regular break time Minimum regular daily rest time
3.jpg 4.jpg

These markers are located just before the estimated location where the driving time will be exceeded, according to Europe's Regulation 561. Inside each marker is also displayed the respective amount of time for each break/rest period.

Frotcom gives you the option to consider the driving times which the driver has already driven, prior to the new assignment that you will give him. If you wish that those times are considered in order to respect that minimum regular breaks and rests, click on the Settings button:


The Nearest vehicles settings panel will be available to you:


On the Use field, you can choose:

  • No driving time from vehicle/driver
    Do not consider current driving time for estimation of arrival time
  • Use vehicle/driver current driving time
    Use current driving time for estimation of arrival time (considering mandatory breaks)

For each vehicle in the list, the distance, the time to travel and the estimated time of arrival (for an immediate departure) are shown. You can also choose the See itinerary link to see - and print - the corresponding itinerary:

To clear the list of nearest vehicles and remove the route from the map, choose the Clear button.

You can also filter your results to include in the search process only vehicles of certain characteristics.

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