Map - Editing


Edit a Place

To edit a place, select it from the place list. This will show the place on the map as a yellow shape. To put the place in edit mode either select the Edit Place option on the map's edit menu or right-click the place shape to show the context menu. Here you can also select the Edit Place option.

Editing a place is very similar to the place editor in the main Frotcom interface. Use the blue circles as handles to drag vertices, click the polygon line to "drop" a new blue circle, and remove these handles using the context menu.

Please note that Frotcom Analytics cannot edit places as circles, only as polygons. Circular places are converted to polygons and saved as such. To cancel editing the place use the map's Edit menu's Cancel option.

Edit a Spot

Spots are not edited directly, they are first converted to places and then edited as such. To convert a spot to a place, use the spot's context menu (right-click the spot shape) and select the Convert to Place option. 


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