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Here you will find all the search steps, both the automatically generated ones, and the user-generated steps.

Each step corresponds to a location where the central spots (red markers on the map) are moved to and all trips to and from the selected neighbors (blue markers on the map) are recalculated. The difference in kilometers to the baseline, the original situation, is displayed in the Difference column. Blue values show an improvement regarding the original situation, while red values are worse. The Mileage column shows the total simulated mileage (baseline mileage plus difference). The best simulation step - the one with the lowest total distance - is displayed in bold.

These search steps can be displayed on the map by selecting the corresponding row. A blue circle is displayed around the location to highlight it:

The list context menu allows you to display on the map all the routes used to calculate the distance. Also, you can export this list's contents to an Excel file.

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