Trip Outliers Report


Use this report to list outlier information within the given date range, outlier status, type and maximum number of legs. These filters are set through the Trip Outliers Report settings panel:

The generated report has (optionally) three sections: the summary, the cost parameters and the outliers list.

You can choose whether the cost parameters page is displayed or not. Here’s a look at the first page of the report, containing the summary information:

This page summarizes the costs of the outliers contained in the report. An optional per-outlier cost breakdown can be shown (see below). Optionally you can show a page containing the cost parameters set in the Settings dialog. These are displayed in the following format:

Next, the filtered outliers are listed using the options you selected: what outlier types to include, map display and summary display. Here’s an output sample:


You can request the report to issue different pages per vehicle, as depicted by the report settings view above.

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