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Trip details are displayed in a similar fashion as Sample Trips in Trip Outliers. The view is split into two tabs, one for the histogram and the other for the historical trip details list.

The top selector allows you to determine what variable to consider when viewing the histogram, and calculates the “best trip” according to the selected variable, which is displayed in bold on the list. The histogram has the now familiar look:

The average and outlier limit markers are kept visible here. Note that you can also select the Excess Cost variable for display. Turning to the list, we have the following format:

The row check box is used both for map display selection and excess cost calculation. So, if you remove a trip, the excess cost of the link will immediately change (because there will be fewer trips adding excess costs to the link). When you change a trip selection, Frotcom Analytics will remember it even in future sessions.

The last column informs you about the outlier status of each trip. In the above case, you see three outliers with Unknown status. Should it be considered as a real outlier (Confirmed or Technical Issues), the check box would be clear and disabled (not to be used as a valid trip for comparison). Trips older than two months are also disabled due to Frotcom’s data reclaiming policy (*).

Also visible in bold is the “best trip” according to the selected measure criterion, in this case the distance. This trip is displayed in dark blue on the map, while all others are displayed in light blue.

(*) Vehicle positions that are not relevant are removed from the database after a two month period.

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