Building on the idea of trip outliers, Frotcom Analytics also provides a feature to inspect the most frequent trips your fleet travels. These trips have the same concept as before, and actually are the same trips that outliers use.

Here however, we look at them as a whole and try to figure out possible alternative patterns of use and cost inefficiencies.

You might find interesting to learn that between two spots, and in the same direction, your vehicles might travel through different roads. You may also want to know how much that is costing in excess of the known minimum. Here’s an example:

The dark blue path is the shortest but some of the company vehicles have gone through different paths between the same two spots. Can this be due to tolls, traffic or environmental issues? Or is it just due to arbitrary choices, resulting in excessive costs which could be avoided?

The Frequent trips feature helps you uncover these issues and inspect them in detail.

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