The map panel displays the outlier trip, in red, and the sample trips, in blue.

The trip direction is inferred from the flag colors where the usual code has been used: green for the trip start, blue for leg stops and red for the final stop.

The map also displays the spots in light blue, as well as any lengthy stops during the trip using a stop sign. Hovering the mouse over the stop sign displays an informational box with the date of the stop and its length. The total in-trip stop time is displayed on the lists as Idle Time.

The following image displays a distance outlier that is self-explanatory.

The trip starts in the spot marked with a green flag and ends on the spot marked with a red flag. The outlier trip is drawn in red and the reason for the excess distance is immediately obvious. Beneath it, the blue trip is the shortest from the sample and is marked in bold on the list.

The following image displays a trip end inside the enveloping spot. The shape of the spot you see results from the automatic grouping of the several Frotcom trip stops that occurred in this vicinity for the last twelve months.

You can store a particular map configuration (centre and zoom) by pressing the report settings button , either on the toolbar or on the outlier list context menu (right button).

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