Trip Outliers List


The trip outliers list displays all the filtered trip outliers. Use this list to select an outlier and display its details on the other panels.

Here you can also change the outlier’s status, set its reporting properties and inspect the excessive values and costs.

After selection, you can display the list’s context menu, with a right click, to perform the actions described above.

Use the first section to change the outlier’s status. The second section reproduces the same reporting options as in the toolbar (see above). The final section allows you to inspect both the outlier’s properties in a dialog, as well as the outlier’s excesses.


The Excesses dialog shows deviations from the acceptable values. These are broken down into maintenance costs, tyre wear costs, lost productivity costs and fuel costs. The informational note next to the excessive fuel consumption is a reminder that the fuel consumption was estimated from distance.

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