•  Unknown: This is the default status for freshly detected trip outliers. Your attention is required to classify it.
  •  Confirmed: You have confirmed that the trip is significantly different from the others. Corrective measures might be needed.
  •  Unclear: After looking at the trip, you are not sure if this is a real trip outlier. Further investigation is required.
  •  Not confirmed: When you know that there are good acceptable reasons to explain why this trip had a bad performance (a visit to a customer not shown on the map, a detour necessary due to road works or traffic jams, etc.).
  •  Technical issues: A technical issue with the on-board device led to the detection of an anomaly (absence of GPS signal may cause the detected mileage to be smaller than expected).
  •  Information: The causes that led this trip to be classified as an outlier are interesting or useful for your fleet’s management (maybe the driver found a faster route than usual?).

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