Viewing the results of the calculation of the best path


Once you use one of the methods to search for the best path between two or more locations, Frotcom will show you the resulting path:


You can drag the points in the list, up and down, to reorder them. You can also click the crosses to erase each point from the list. Choose Calculate again when you have the order you want.

The calculated paths output of the Directions features is presented in blue, so that is easily differentiated from the outputs of the Nearest vehicles feature which are displayed in orange.

If you calculated the direction between only two points (without any waypoint), the result would have up to three different paths instead, for you to choose the best option out of them:


For the calculated path, the distance, the time to travel, estimated time of arrival (for an immediate departure) and, if you are using HERE maps, also related costs are shown.

For the calculation of the estimated time of arrival, there is another factor that enters the equation when Frotcom calculates the time to travel: the times restrictions defined in Administration > Account > Driving Conditions. By default, the rules contained in Europe’s Regulation 561 will be considered.

If you look at the previous pictures, you will be able to see the following icons along the calculated path:

Minimum regular break time Minimum regular daily rest time
8.jpg 9.jpg

These markers are located just before the estimated location where the driving time will be exceeded, according to Europe's Regulation 561. Inside each marker, it is also displayed the respective amount of time for each break/rest period.

You also have the option to consider the times which the driver is already driving before the new assignment that you will give him. If you wish that those times are considered to respect that minimum regular breaks and rests, click Options:



The Directions options panel will be available to you:


On the Use field of the Direction options you can choose:

  • No driving time from vehicle/driver
    Do not consider current driving time for estimation of arrival time
  • Use vehicle/driver current driving time
    Use the current driving time for estimation of arrival time (considering mandatory breaks)

Click on the See itinerary link to view and print the itinerary that takes the vehicle through the suggested path:


Please note that the minimum regular break time and minimum regular daily rest time are also considered in the itinerary steps:


"Go for 450 km. During this step a break must be done (45 m)."

You can clear the suggested path from the map and also from the Directions panel by clicking Clear.

You can also use a filter to establish more conditions during the calculation of the best path.

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