Looking for the best path by dragging and dropping the Directions token on the map


This is one of three options to search for the best path between two or more locations. Look here to see alternative ways of achieving the same results.

First, position your map in the location where you want to start the trip. Then choose the Directions panel, as shown below.

Now drag the Directions token (circle with flag) and drop it on the exact location on the map where you want to start the trip.

The first flag on the map (green flag) now marks the start of your trip. Its address is shown on the Directions panel:

Continue to drag flags onto the map, to mark the way-points:

And finally the end point (destination):

Once you are done with the insertion of locations, select the Calculate button.

Frotcom will display the best path that goes from your start point and ends in your stop point, going through the way-points.



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