List of vehicles (fleet)


Once you choose the Fleet button, the screen will display a list with all the vehicles in the fleet, grouped by their classes:

Each vehicle will display the following information in the corresponding row:

  • License plate
  • Driver
  • Beginning of day (time for the first use of the car in the day)
  • Last trip finished at (time when last trip was finished)
  • Mileage today / Trips

In the list of vehicles, you can search for a specific vehicle or driver by choosing the search symbol:

You can also filter the vehicles to show only certain classes of vehicles.

To do that, touch the filter symbol:

To see the details of a vehicle, select it from the list by touching the corresponding row.


You can also see all the vehicles on the map, by choosing the Map button on the top right.


Additionally, at the bottom of the Map view, you can see the number of vehicles in movement/stopped.

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