Interacting with graphs


You can interact with graphs.

  1. Zoom in and out
    You can zoom in for a more detailed view. With two fingers, touch the graph around the area you want to zoom. Keep touching the graph as you widen the distance between your fingers, horizontally. Reverse the movement to zoom out.


  2. Slide the graph horizontally
    After you zoom in, you may need to slide the graph laterally. With one finger touch the graph and while touching move the finger laterally. The graph will move as well.


  3. See the exact values of the graph in a certain moment
    Again with one finger, touch the part of the graph for which you want to know the value. 

    The following information will be displayed:

    1. Value
      On/Off for digital inputs, value for analogue inputs

    2. Start time (only for digital inputs)
      This is the time when the input started having that value (On or Off)

    3. End time (only for digital inputs)
      This is the time when the input finished having that value (On or Off)

    4. Duration (only for digital inputs)
      This is the total time for which the input had that value continuously (On or Off)

    5. Time
      This is the moment for which you are being shown the value.


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