Main screen


Once you login, you'll see a screen similar to the following:


Each button gives you access to a different part of app:

  • Vehicles
    Choose this button to see detailed information about each vehicle, including the most recent activity and the path travelled.

  • Fleet
    This button gives you access to the daily summary for the whole fleet: beginning of day, mileage today, etc. Anyway, you can also drill down to see more detailed information about each vehicle.

  • Nearest vehicles
    Look for the nearest vehicles from where you are right now, or from any location on the map.

  • Distribution
    See in which countries your vehicles have travelled today.

  • Messaging (envelop icon)
    Touch the envelop symbol to see incoming messages from your drivers and to send messages to your drivers.

  • Alarms (bell icon)
    Touch this symbol to see the last alarms triggered by your vehicles

  • Contact Frotcom
    Here you can send us feedbacks or requests for support.

  • Settings
    Choose this button to configure map settings and to see the version of this app.

  • Logout
    Choose this option to logout. You will be asked for the username and password the next time you attempt to login.
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