List of messages between the drivers and the office


To see the list of messages received from drivers, tap the Messages symbol on top of the main screen:

The list of messages received will be displayed:

You will see both messages coming from the drivers and messages sent from you or another Frotcom user, to the drivers. Messages sent to drivers, from the office, begin with the prefix "User:"

For each driver, you will immediately see the latest message, received or sent. Behind it, you can see the older messages. To see the older messages, tap the row with the corresponding driver.

You can reply to the driver using the text field on the bottom and tapping Send.

To send a new message (not replying to a driver), you can tap the message composition symbol on top of the list of messages:

To change the time period for which messages are displayed, tap the calendar symbol on top of the list and enter the desired period. By default, messages received or sent in the last 7 days are sent:

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