Filtering alarms


Once you tap the filter symbol on top of the list of alarms, you will be able to choose which alarms to see on the list:

The following dialog will allow you to specify which alarms to show and which alarms to hide:

These are the options:

  1. Date range
    Choose the initial and final dates for which you want to see alarms on the list. By default, only today's alarms are shown.

  2. Alarms
    Choose the alarm types you want to see on the list. By default, alarms of all types will be shown.

  3. Status
    You can see All alarms, only Not processed alarms or only Processed alarms. By default, all alarms are displayed.

  4. Vehicle
    You can use this filter to see only the alarms of one or several vehicles. By default, alarms of all vehicles will be displayed on the list.

Once you make your selection, tap Apply to save it.

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