Immobilizing and reactivating a vehicle


In the case of vehicles equipped with Frotcom's immobilizer, you will be able to use the smartphone to immobilize the vehicle.

To do that, tap the hand symbol on the vehicle's details. Then enter the necessary password and select Ok.

Similarly, you can repeat the operation to reactivate the vehicle. 


The first thing you must reflect on is that you do not always control the circumstances under which you use the immobilizer to block a vehicle. Although the immobilizer, once activated, only disables the starter’s ability to restart the engine – and therefore does not stop a vehicle while moving – it is possible to think of occasions under which even this operation can be risky.

For that reason, customers wanting to install the immobilizer must always sign a Term of Responsibility, stating that they are aware of the operation of the immobilizer and that they will be responsible for its use and consequences. For safety reasons, Frotcom International reserves the right to disable the use of immobilizers if a copy of that term of responsibility is not received.

For further information about the requirements for immobilizing and reactivating a vehicle, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner.

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