Activity today


This option gives you an overall idea about what happened today with your fleet, from 00:00 until now. The idea is for you to be able to get a clear picture of what is going on, without having to go to the maps.

You can see the driver and co-driver (if there is one) for each vehicle, the total mileage per vehicle today, at what time each vehicle began its journey, how many trips each vehicle executed already, for how many kilometres they travelled, the time at which the vehicle’s last trip ended and the mileage of that last trip. You can also see the driving times of each driver.

The Activity today table can be found in the menu, under Summary.


This table shows you a summary with the latest activity of your fleet:Screenshot_2022-01-03_at_10.41.24.png


You can use the filter on the top left of the view to narrow the list by text or only vehicles with activities today:

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