The Distribution table can be found in the menu, under Summary.

This table shows you how your fleet is currently distributed geographically:

You can choose to see the distribution by Country, by District, by Place type and by Place.

For areas of type Country, District, you will know how many vehicles are there now and the mileage travelled inside that area today.

For areas of type Place type and Place, you will know how many vehicles are there now, the number of visits that the Place type or Place received,and the average stop time vehicles spent there.

If you wish to see also the CANBus mileage (when available) and/or the GPS mileage, click on the drop down menu located in the top right part of the screen and select the Columns option:

After that, the following panel will be shown to you:

Here, you can select the additional columns that you want to see in the Distribution panel. You can select two additional columns:

  • CANBus mileage today
  • GPS mileage today

To select, simply left click the corresponding column and its background will become slightly darker, as a sign that it is now selected. In the following example, only the GPS mileage today is selected as additional column:

Click the Save button, so that Frotcom considers your modifications. If you wish to discard your modifications, click the Cancel button.


If you need additional clarification, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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