The Distribution table can be found in the main menu, under the Summary menu:



This table displays how your fleet is currently distributed geographically:



You can filter the data displayed in the table by Country, District, Place type or Place. You also have the option to filter the data by a period up to 30 days, as well as using the text field to search for a specific entry:



If you select Country or District, the table will display the quantity of vehicles in the location, as well as the mileage (Total, CANBus, and GPS mileage) travelled inside it during the selected period.

Now, if you select Place type or Place, besides the number of vehicles in the location, you will see how many visits each Place/Place type received during the period, as well as the average stop time the vehicles spent there.



Important: This table displays only the vehicles that have had Trips during the selected period, either on a Country or a District. Vehicles traveling on ferry boats without any trips in land during that period won't be displayed either.

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