Path line elements


When you see the full path of a vehicle, besides several icons, you will also notice that the segments of the line representing the path may be drawn in different colors: green, blue and red.


For a better understanding of the icons and its meanings, please click on the Menu button, on the top right part of the screen:


Then select the Legend tab from the dropping menu:


A new window will open with the following information:



For more details concerning the first two icons regarding clusters, please click here.

The remaining icons, independently of the currently applied zoom, will always be available for the vehicle view, so that you can easily see all path related information. A description of the path related icons is available in the following table:

Icon Setting Description
First position in period The large green circles represent the beginning of a trip, detected by Frotcom either through ignition or the engine RPMs, as configured by your Frotcom Certified Partner. The considered period is the one defined in the filtering criteria of the vehicle view options.
Trip departure The large blue icons with keys indicate a change in the vehicle's ignition status.
Alarm The large red circles with an exclamation mark inside represent alarms triggered at that moment and in the position indicated by the icon.
Stopped The black circles represent geographical points where the vehicle stopped, i.e., speed equals 0[km/h].
Movement direction The little black circles with arrows indicate the direction of the vehicle's movement.
Green line Green lines represent a path executed at a low speed, below the low-speed threshold limit.
Blue line Blue lines represent a path executed at medium speed, between the low-speed threshold limit and the high-speed threshold limit.
Red line Red lines represent a path executed at high speed, above the high-speed threshold limit.


When you click on an ignition icon, you will see the time at which the ignition was turned OFF, and later, when it was turned ON again. Moreover, you also see the total time that ignition was OFF. 

On the example given on the following picture, the vehicle's ignition status changed to OFF at 02:01 hours and switched back to ON at 02:46 hours, remaining on the same geographical place (indicated by the ignition icon) for 45 minutes.


Additionally, if you click on a waypoint, you will see information about the speed at which the vehicle was traveling, and the mileage registered by the vehicle's odometer:


If the vehicle is stopped with ignition OFF, by clicking on vehicle icon, you will see for how long it is stopped there. In this case 6 hours and 19 minutes.


Finally, from the infobox, you can see more information, by choosing the More drop-down.


Included in this More dropdown are:


You can also perform some actions, by choosing the Actions drop-down:

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