Waste Collection Management System


The Waste Collection Management System module of Frotcom Web is an area where you can check, review, and generate reports with information regarding Bin IDs (RFID tags), Bin types, and Weights collected from trucks during waste collection operations.

The GPS Tracker connected to Helesi - Waste Management collects the above-mentioned information.



Trucks pick up waste from several bins. When they reach a bin, the RFID bin is read, and the bin is weighed. This information is transmitted via RS232 to the Frotcom device in the truck and sent to Frotcom Servers as the following image:



With the trucks properly configurated, you must have the following permission to access the module:


Now, you can find the Waste collection management module available in the main menu:


Waste collection management

Once you find and click on the module from the menu, you will see the following table:


Here, you can check all the information collected from the vehicles.


Under the Hamburger menu, you will find the options to Export the table to an Excel file, as well as the Settings menu where you can configure Bin types:


To create Bin types, click on Add new and provide a code and a name for it. You may edit the Bin types as well by clicking on their name from the table:



The Waste collection report is available for you to generate reports based on the information collected from the vehicles.

With the permission for the report, you will find it in the list of reports:


You must provide the following data for the report:

Parameter Description
Period The period covered by the report (up to 30 days)
Vehicles Select here the vehicles that will be included in the report
Show data grouped by vehicle If you select this option, the data in the report will be grouped by vehicle (Default = No)


After configuring the report, you may click on the Generate button. The report will then be generated:

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