Integration with Schmitz Cargobull


Schmitz Cargobull AG is Europe's leading manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers, and truck bodies for various cargo types, including temperature-controlled, general cargo, and bulk goods.

Frotcom's integration with Schmitz Cargobull enables fleet managers to effortlessly get trailer location and sensor data in Frotcom, optimizing trailer management in the same platform and the same tools used for all vehicles in their fleets.

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How does it work?

Using telematics data, Frotcom customers managing Schmitz Cargobull trailers can now access trailer data automatically, access trailer locations, and manage their trailers more intelligently.
The data transmission is hassle-free and does not require complicated installations or disruptions. As a Frotcom customer, you can quickly access trailer data without additional hardware installations.


With this integration, you can quickly transfer various data types from the trailers to Frotcom, including:

  • License plate information;
  • Position;
  • Temperature sensor readings;
  • Door sensors status;
  • Speed;
  • Manufacturer:
    • Schmitz_Cargobull_Ag, Benalu, Bodex, Broshuis, Burg_Industries, Cardi, Carnehl, Cartwright, Chereau, Cometto, Dennisons, Faymonville, Feber, Feldbinder, Fliegel, Fruehauf, Gray_And_Adams, Hammar_Maskin, Knapen, Koegel, Kraker, Krone, Lamberet, Lecinena, Lecitrailer, Lohr, Margaritelli, Meiler, Merker, Montracon, Noteboom_Trailers, Otokar, Pacton, Panav, Pezzaioli, Renders, Rolfo, Samro, Schwarzmueller, Sdc, Sor_Iberica, Stas, Tirsan, Van_Hool, Viberti, Weka, Wielton, Zorzi, Unknown.
  • Model:
    • Curtainsider_Semitrailer, Tilt, Dry_Freighter_Trailer, Box_Semitrailer, Tipper, Chassis, Truck_Box, Trailer, Motor_Vehicle, Car, Retrofit_Of_Reefer_Unit, Swap_Body, Container, Reserved.
  • CANBus odometer;
  • Weight (Bogie load);
  • Setpoints up to 3 (as Temperature 7, 8 and 9);
  • Fuel level (percentage and liters - make sure to set the tank capacity to see the liters in tank); 
  • Tire pressures and temperatures - The asset model by default is a 6 tires, 3 axles, 2 tires on each axle; 
  • Battery voltage (as Analog 1, 2 and 3): 
    • Battery names: Boardnet, Lin, External, etc. 


Some of this information may not be available on your trailer, it will depend on your trailer configuration and settings.


Additional information:

* To see TPMS information, your user needs the permission General > Tire pressure monitoring system.

To set a different asset model, your user needs the permission Administration > Administer vehicle tire pressure monitoring system.

This new integration allows you to streamline data-driven intelligence and analysis and optimize your fleet operations. This strategic agreement between Frotcom and Schmitz Cargobull AG reinforces Frotcom's position as one of the leading providers of intelligent fleet management solutions.


Steps to establish the integration

  1. Contact your Frotcom Certified Partner to request a Connection ID for your fleet. You should share the VIN (chassis number) for each trailer, so that those trailers can be provisioned on Frotcom Platform;
  2. With the obtained Connection ID, you need to create the connection in TrailerConnect:
    1. Go to the DMC top-level menu option, Data sharing, and select Export accounts tab. Then, click the button + (plus button on the right) to add an export account. In the dialog box, provide a name for the Export account and select the provider Frotcom Fleet Manager. Then select the sensors that should be exported (we recommend all) and, in the Custom Properties > Account ID, enter the Connection ID provided by your Frotcom Certified Partner.
    2. Then, go to the Export endpoints tab and select the correct export account (using the name you defined before). In the configuration panel, select the data and vehicles to be shared.

For more information, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner.

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