Recap logs


When you access this option you will see a graph with your daily logbook, based on your statuses on Remaining time:


On the top of the panel you can see the Violation count for the day and the Cycle rule applied for you, as well as use the Previous and Next buttons to jump to the days.


If you want to see the the details about your shift, you can click on List Events:


Clicking on Certify Log will lead you to the following panel, where you can sign and agree with the information shown on the graph. This information will then be available to your fleet manager:


If you find any incorrect information on the graph, of for any reason you want to change/adjust a value, you can simply tap on the graph and edit or create the events as you wish. You can also add documents (e.g. receipts) and notes (as when a Malfunction occurred) to the event :


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