Remaining time


When you tap Remaining time the following panel will be shown:


 On the top of the panel you can see four different bars/clocks with your Hours of Service (HoS):


Break Required Shows for how long time you are able to drive before a mandatory break.
Driving  Shows for how long time you have been driving.
Shift  Shows the total of work time on the current shift (day).
Cycle  Shows the total of work time on the current cycle (based on the driver's cycle).

When you start driving (ignition on and vehicle moving) the system will automatically set your status as Driving. For the other status (Off duty, On duty not driving and Sleeper berth) you can set by tapping the respective options on the bottom right of the panel.


Once you are driving, you will be able to see the clocks and  information regarding your next break, but you will be unable to select other events while the car is moving.



  • The time shown on the device is always based on the timezone defined for the terminal.
  • To be able change your status, the ignition must be switched off and the vehicle must not drive for 1 minute.
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