Frotcom HTML5 - Release notes - 2018

The following list shows the most recent changes implemented in Frotcom:


HIGHLIGHT - Compliance with REGULATION (EC) n.º 561/2006

Benefits for the user:

In order to keep compliance with the European regulation and to give the fleet managers a way to review these data, Frotcom displays now two more information about the driving times: 

  • Regular and reduced daily rest period;
  • Number of reduced daily rest periods in a week.

These information are available on the Vehicle Infobox - Driving times:


Technical description:

You can choose to see the driving times based on the Regular daily rest period or Reduced daily rest period by clicking on the Options icon of the Driving times panel in the infobox:


The two new views added to the existent Elapsed driving time and Remaining driving time are:

  • Regular daily rest period is any period of rest of at least 11 hours;
  • Reduced daily rest period is any period of rest of at least 9 hours and less than 11 hours.

The information you see on the title bar of the section is the time when the regular/reduced daily rest period is reached and how long to reach it, taking into consideration the Minimum reduced daily rest time on Administration > Account > Driving conditions.

The information about the number of reduced daily rest periods between any two weekly rest periods is presented as three marks in the same panel:


In the case above, for instance, the driver has already spent two out of three reduced daily rest periods this week.


Zoom on Graphs: Now you are able to zoom your Graphs to dig and review the information of your fleet in a better way.

Using the gray bar on top of the Graphs view, or inside any of the graphs, you can drag and drop a line in which you want to have the zoom in for all the graphs:


Clicking again on the gray area of the bar it zooms out the graphs to the default view.

Note: be sure to drag the line precisely on the gray bar or on a graph area - dragging outside this limits will lead the browser to only select the text instead of zooming in.

Changes on the Vehicles usage report: added a new parameter to hide/show the column Privacy mode from the report:


Additionally, some columns were renamed for a better understanding of the content.

New view on the CANBus - Driver work states report: added a new parameter to choose to see the report with the current view or with the new Monthly view:


With the Monthly view option selected, the generated report will be changed to show the information as months, with the option to export the data to an Excel file.

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