Setting speed limits inside Zones


You can specify speed limits within zones. These speed limits will trigger the overspeed alarm even if the actual road speed limit is not exceeded. This allows you to create lower speed limits for urban areas or zones with frequent accidents, for instance.


How to create a speed limit inside a zone

Go to Administration > Areas.  Use the selector on the top to choose Zones instead of Places. You will see a table similar to this:



We want to create a speed limit inside Nairobi. For that, let's choose that zone by clicking on its name, on the left column. The details of the zone will show. At the bottom of the options, to the left, you can see the Speed limits tab:



As you can see, you can set up different speed limits for different vehicle classes. For instance, a limit for passenger cars and a lower limit for trucks.

Click to add each speed limit:



If you do not specify a speed limit for a vehicle class, for a zone, the speed limit considered, when a vehicle of that class enters the zone, is the common speed limit specified in the Overspeed alarm’s configuration.

To remove a speed limit, simply edit the corresponding field and delete its content.


Limits applied when zones overlap

When a vehicle is located where two or more zones overlap, the smaller of the corresponding speed limits will be used to trigger the overspeed alarm.


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