Smartphone app - Release notes


The following list shows the most recent changes implemented in Frotcom's Smartphone app.


Select other days to visualize the Ignition and Speed graphs: You can now select the date for the data displayed in the Ignition and Speed graphs, in the Vehicle details**:


Vehicle's odometer visible in the popup infobox: The information regarding the Odometer is now available in the Vehicle infobox**:


**: These features are only available on the Android version of the App. The iOS version will be updated with these features in an upcoming release.



Notifications of messages and alarms will now appear on the Android/iOS notification center, making it easier for you to stay tuned with the updates of your fleet.


Contact Frotcom button added to the main screen, to allow the user to ask for support and/or send a feedback:


Changes on the Map view: added zoom in/out buttons (as alternative to the pinch gesture) and a bottom panel with the number of vehicles in movement/stopped:


Added an arrow to show the movement of the Vehicles on the map view:


Minor changes/corrections:

  • Call/send message button on Vehicle details only appears now if the driver has a phone number associated or if the vehicle is equipped with Workforce management;
  • Alarms list now shows alarm type and alarm name (before it was shown only alarm name);
  • Added options to copy the content of the message to the clipboard, and to delete the message.



It is now possible to see each vehicle's average fuel consumption in the details of each vehicle (see the Information > Additional information section as described here.)

Additionally, some corrections were made:

  • New received messages are now shown in bold in the list (iOS)
  • The vehicle filter is now being correctly applied in the Distribution section
  • Fuel graphs are now shown properly
  • When changing the period, vehicle data is shown for the correct period (iOS)
  • Alarms counter was corrected
  • Alarms list: already processed ones now aren’t shown in bold
  • Temperature graphs are correctly displayed (there were issues with negative values and X axis sort order)
  • Now, mileage and odometer are shown from the correct source for each vehicle
  • New messages counter is now shown
  • Problem with clustering on map now solved (iOS)
  • Graphics adapted according to style guideline
  • Timezone problems solved: now the logged in user’s timezone is used
  • All the values shown for Fuel level, Mileage, Speed, Average consumption, are now converted to the company’s units
  • In Vehicle > Map, after clicking the vehicle icon, the Directions and Google Maps buttons are now correctly shown (iOS)
  • Vehicle > Date selector (Path; Trips; Events) were only allowing 6 days and not 7 as they should (iOS)
  • Fuel level graph’s hint is now showing the right value for all sensors
  • In some situations Tachograph graph, was showing Not Available as Rest, this has been corrected
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