Migration of the old Road usage alarms


The previous version of Frotcom used a basic mechanism to set up prohibited roads and then detect when vehicles were using those roads.

This basic mechanism was deprecated (abandoned) in the meantime.

The new mechanism is more efficient and also simpler to set up.

What changed

Old version New version
You created Roads, in Administration, based on rectangles that enveloped the road or highway in which you wanted to prohibit your vehicles to drive. You use corridors to envelop those road or highways. This is done simply using the Directions feature and then creating a corridor around the generated path.
You had a specific alarm, the Road usage alarm, that used the previously defined Roads.

You now use a more generic alarm, the Area entrance alarm. You simply select the corridor defined before, as your area.

Additionally, you allow vehicle positions to be inside the corridor a few minutes (2 or more recommended) before triggering the alarm, to avoid false alarms when vehicles are simply crossing a bridge over the prohibited road/highway, for instance.

Please note that all your road definitions and road usage alarms were automatically migrated to the new mechanism, so that you will still detect when the prohibited roads are being used by your vehicles.

However, you will no longer be able to create Roads and Road usage alarms, old style. Please use the new mechanism described above. For more instructions, please check this article.

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