Vehicle Dialog

The vehicle dialog allows you to view and edit all the information details that characterize a vehicle. Besides the license plate information, the dialog has a tabbed panel with per-topic details, described below.

Capacity Tab

Here you can define the vehicle's cargo capacity in terms of weight, volume and units (pallets, boxes, ...). The capacity factor is used in special circumstances like when using irregularly loaded pallets. In the case below, the vehicle will be loaded up to 80% of its capacity in weight, volume or units, whichever is the largest.



Dimensions Tab

This tab contains the external dimensions of the vehicle.



Cost Tab

The cost tab contains optional per-vehicle costs. 



Other Tab

The final tab contains assorted vehicle settings like tags, the vehicle color for map and report display, the start and ending places. The final setting is optimization-oriented: when checked, this vehicle will start already loaded with jobs that pick their load up from that exact place.




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